To view Sensient's 2017 Corporate Responsibility Report click here.

Our Products

  • Responsible selection of raw materials and raw material providers, and efficient use of resources in the manufacture of exceptional products.
  • Substitution of raw materials, where feasible, in order to offer increasingly positive impacts throughout the value chain.
  • Manufacturing and supporting our products while consuming less energy.
  • Our efforts incorporate continuous improvement, challenging us to continue to increase sales and to design more effective products to meet global needs.

Our Employees

  • Best-practice programs and management systems ensure that our employees are engaged in making things better, and that our managers facilitate that process.
  • Meaningful use of metrics to apply leading and lagging indicators toward incremental, sustainable results.
  • Sensient takes pride in our strong environmental and health and safety programs. Our employees also are our customers. By focusing on employees, we empower them and improve our programs to ensure that Sensient remains a world-class organization.

Our Customers

  • Collaboration with customers to understand and meet their expectations, as well as industry standards related to product delivery and acceptability.
  • Continuous use of customer feedback to responsibly provide superior products and proactive support services.
  • At Sensient, exceeding customer expectations is our goal. We recognize that Sensient is just one part of the sustainability supply chain. Everyone has a part in this challenge; we must work together to have a true impact.

Our Environment

  • Minimization of water consumption throughout the production process.
  • Formulation of more sustainable products, producing less waste during the manufacturing process and eliminating or treating waste responsibly.
  • Sensient has a strong record of environmental compliance in all of our facilities in more than 30 countries, but we recognize that compliance is not sufficient to meet global sustainability challenges. We are committed to conserving our natural resources and to improving our environment so future generations can live healthy, prosperous lives.