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Sensient Flavors, one of the world's leading flavor companies, has announced its flavor trend predictions for 2013. The list was developed using Sensient's “Trends to Taste” program, a proprietary predictive process that filters trends from the broad, consumer macro level down to finished concepts that best demonstrate each flavor profile. The list encompasses flavors inspired from multiple mega trends including Comfort, Connections, Sensory and Health & Wellness.

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In response to the convenience trend and consumers’ demand for efficient, yet great-tasting meals, Sensient Flavors has developed six different Simmer Sauce concepts showcasing a range of Sensient’s flavors.

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Sensient Bio Pharma & Savory Flavors announced today its launch of Sensimune™, a line of well-being products for the animal nutrition markets. The products utilize proprietary yeast beta glucan technology obtained in a recent agreement with Biothera, a Minnesota-based biotechnology company.

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Sensient Flavors LLC, one of the world’s leading flavor companies, has introduced a new line of natural and true-to-type varietal cherry flavors. These flavors allow manufacturers to create products with multiple cherry profiles suitable for a variety of food and beverage applications.

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Sensient Bio Pharma & Savory Flavors has announced a global agreement with Biothera to market and sell immune health products into the Animal Nutrition markets using patented and scientifically-proven technologies developed by Biothera, a U.S. biotechnology company.

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Sensient Flavors LLC, one of the world’s leading flavor companies, has introduced a new line of natural and true-to-type varietal apple flavors. These flavors allow manufacturers to create products with multiple apple profiles suitable for a variety of applications.

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By applying spray dried flavors to tea leaves and coating them using proprietary technology, Sensient Flavors has developed a highly sophisticated way of flavoring teas. Double-coating protects the flavor, maintains the sensory profile over a very long period of time and extends shelf life. The flavored and coated tea leaves can be customized in particle size and are highly dispersible during the production and blending processes. When used with tea bags, this way of delivering flavor scores particularly well because it is easy to fill and dust-free, reducing the need for cleaning in production areas.

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Dec 17, 2013 Sensient Flavors

Sensient Flavors Predicts 12 Food & Beverage Flavor Trends for 2014

Sensient Trends for 2014: Sensient Flavors

Using formal research and grassroots market excursions to track, identify and predict consumer mega- and micro-trends, Sensient Flavors’ industry experts have identified 12 up-and-coming flavor trends for 2014.

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Ginger is highlighted as one of 2014’s tastiest flavor fashions. Sensient Flavors’ consumer insights manager Bridget Schigoda discusses ginger applications.

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Jan 01, 2014 Sensient Flavors

To Market, To Market

Nutritional Outlook

Shopping for 2014’s hottest ingredients? Look no further. Sensient Flavors’ consumer insights manager Bridget Schigoda discusses ginger applications.

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Beverage development always has been at the forefront of new ingredient trends, and nowhere has that been truer than in the recent explosion of beverages that feature far-from-the-mainstream flavors. Sensient Flavors’ consumer insights manager Bridget Schigoda discusses Sensient’s 2014 beverage flavor trends predictions.

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Having analyzed the unique sensory attributes of the three most prized varieties of Indian mango – Alphonso, Kesar and Badami – Sensient Flavors has produced a range of natural mango flavorings. The base for these flavors is Sensient’s natural extracts, which are derived using proprietary technology. By applying classic flavor creation expertise, the company has recreated the authentic characteristics of the three different mango varieties. Sensient’s novel product line has been developed for use in beverages.

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It starts in November, and for all we know it’s still going on – the annual “Airing of the Predictions.” We thought we’d share some of the best ones we’ve gotten – and some of the best ones we’ve solicited from our own team. Ready? There’s probably enough to get you through 2014 – and on to 2024. Included are Sensient’s annual Trends to Taste predictions.

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Mar 01, 2014 Sensient Flavors

A Perfect Pair


The secret to a perfect match is compatibility, balance and maybe a little heat. Pairing flavors is no different. Sensient Flavors’ senior applications technologist Julie Clarkson and senior savory flavorist Austin Luft explain the rise of Sriracha hot sauce and flavor pairing.

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Mar 31, 2014 Sensient Flavors

Sensient Flavors Launches 6 New Peach Varietals

Peach Flavors: Sensient Beverage Flavors

Long considered a hallmark of the South, food and beverage items containing peach flavors are seeing 20 percent growth on menus around the United States. Peach season peaks in August and September, but Sensient can help you create products that consumers will reach for all year long.

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May 20, 2014 Sensient Flavors

Sensient Natural Ingredients Launches New Chili Blends

Chili Blends: Sensient Natural Ingredients

Sensient Natural Ingredients, a global producer of wholesome, agriculture-based ingredients and solutions, has launched a new Chili Blends collection which includes seven authentic dry chili blends inspired by the flavors of Latin America, India, Morocco, Thailand and the United States.

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Sensient Flavors Europe has introduced a new range of natural melon flavors. The line includes five flavors in the most popular varieties of melon: Cantaloupe, Galia, Honeydew, Piel de Sapo and Watermelon. Using Sensient Natural Origins® extracts as a building block, the new flavors offer sophisticated and authentic sensory profiles and can be declared as natural flavourings. The new range is designed for the drinks market, and is suitable for use in alcoholic and non-alcoholic, carbonated and still beverages.

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Jun 30, 2014 Sensient Flavors

Sensient Flavor Launches Hispanic-Inspired Beverage Flavors

Hispanic Flavors: Sensient Beverage Flavors

The U.S. Hispanic population is expected to reach 61.1 million by 2017, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Rich in diversity, this group has growing potential to influence and inspire flavor trends in the U.S.

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The solution to masking bitterness, astringency and other off-notes is not usually found in a single molecule or ingredient, but in an entire toolbox of ingredients that work together to mask off-notes and enhance flavor. Sensient Flavors has unveiled this solution in its proprietary, all-natural Smoothenol 2G line of ingredients.

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Oct 10, 2014 Sensient Flavors

Today’s consumers are a worldly group. Thanks to technology, our ability to connect with nearly every part of the globe is as easy as clicking a mouse. As a result, consumers can explore exotic cultures, customs and cuisines on a whim.

As evidenced by the continual success of cooking shows and food networks, as well as cooking classes and magazines, more people are taking an interest in cooking at home. The desire to recreate the flavors and recipes from across the globe motivates consumers to experiment.

Fusion cuisine, which combines culinary traditions, has gained popularity and familiarity across generations. From well-traveled Baby Boomers increasingly exposed to ethnic flavors to Millennials who probably have experienced ethnic cuisine from an early age, no longer are folks satisfied with solely making traditional recipes such as meat loaf or sloppy Joes.

Which cuisine is king? While that’s a debate that will never be settled, trends indicate that the most popular dishes consumers are experimenting with include flavors from Latin America and Southeast Asia, specifically Malaysia, Vietnam and Thailand.

One example is Ras el Hanout, which Sensient identified as an up-and-coming flavor trend for 2014. Meaning “top of the shop” in Arabic, Ras el Hanout has no definitive recipe (it generally features cardamom, chili peppers, cinnamon, clove, coriander, cumin, ginger, paprika, peppercorn and turmeric) and brings the overall flavors and culture of Morocco to consumers’ kitchens.

Za’atar is also on the rise in popularity. A popular Middle Eastern spice blend that most commonly includes sumac, thyme, oregano, marjoram, toasted sesame seeds and salt, it was named one of Sensient’s Trends to Taste flavors for 2013. What’s more, The Huffington Post named Za'atar as one of 14 foods to add to your diet this year.

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