Sensient In the News

July 2015

Paul Manning, President and Chief Executive Officer of Sensient Technologies Corporation, said he has never known a “steady food industry.” Mr. Manning joined the company in 2009 as General Manager of the Company’s Food Colors business in North America and as the economic recession was taking hold. He ascended to the position of President and CEO in 2014 and now he is managing the color and flavor supplier as the industry’s product development focus has shifted to products perceived as natural, wholesome and that feature a clean label.

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Ryan Goularte of Sensient discusses the launch of a natural umami flavor and a new line of Indian flavors.

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As prepared sauces and soups continue to attract consumers, the demand for clean label—and lower fat, calorie and sodium content—is changing how formulators approach taste and texture.

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See the unconventional flavors that Sensient identified as up-and-coming trends in 2015!

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When it comes to eating healthy, flavor is a vital concern for consumers. While nutrition is a top priority, they also won’t sacrifice on taste. Flavor remains a driving force within the nutraceuticals category—extending from functional food and beverages to gummies, chews, powders and beyond.

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