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November 2014

Nov 16, 2014 Sensient Flavors

Looking to heat things up this summer?

Hot and spicy foods have been on an undeniable upswing for the past few years. Consumer demand for authentic, bold flavors with heat has dominated the food and beverage scene, and there are no signs the trend will cool anytime soon. Today’s savvy consumers—especially among the millennial set—are increasingly familiar with cuisines from across the globe and are willing to experiment—especially when it comes to complex, layered flavors.

Our Sensient Natural Ingredients group recently launched a Chili Blends Collection inspired by traditional chili flavors in Latin America, India, Morocco and Thailand. The sizzling collection includes a chili blend influenced by the ever-popular Sriracha sauce, which features a distinct garlic and heat flavor that consumers will clamor for. Another popular chili flavor in the collection is Pickled Jalapeno. Less intense for those who shy away from heat, the pickled jalapeno creates a complex and definitely mouth-watering flavor reminiscent of the vinegary, tangy pepper rings found on snacks from nachos to pizza to sandwiches. ¡Muy delicioso!

For more information on the flavors included in the SNI Chili Blends Collection, or to request a demo today, click here.

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Autumn is a time when a great variety of fruits are at their best – Sensient’s Seasonal Selection captures the authentic taste profiles of many popular Autumn-harvested fruits. The new range is ideal for creating seasonal and limited editions that target consumers during the colder months. Thanks to their deliciously comforting appeal, the flavors will also provide authentic fruit pleasures throughout the year. With the “forgotten fruit” flavors of rosehip, quince and sloeberry, for example, manufacturers can tap into the trend for nostalgic indulgence.

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