Development Programs
We believe in supporting and developing our staff for a more satisfied, effective team with a competitive advantage. Our training programs are an important part of what gives us our edge.
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General Manager
If you aspire to be a strategic leader and are willing to travel globally, learn as you go, and receive direct feedback from the Company CEO, this is the program for you. This position reports to the CEO and is heavily focused on experiential learning.
Sales Account Manager Trainee
This program is designed to prepare you for a career in field sales and potentially further management and leadership positions. It consists of departmental rotations, which include technical training in the applications lab, customer contact, inside sales, sales support and marketing.
The purpose of this program is to understand the Controller's roles and responsibilities within various functional departments. The program consists of a structured 30, 60 and 90-day plan to success.
Our comprehensive Flavorist training program is structured to develop the next generation of Flavorists at Sensient, in alignment with the Society of Flavor Chemists.
Sales Account Manager
The Sales Account Manager development program is a comprehensive 2-3 months on-boarding training. The program provides a foundation for understanding the Organization/Business Unit, products, technologies, systems and culture. It will enhance your ability to quickly become productive, efficient, effective and integrated into the organization.
Operations Management
The Operations Management Trainee program is designed to prepare engineers with the skills required to supervise a team of chemical operators. Over the 1.5 to 2 year program, the trainee will gain solid experience within each functional area of the plant, and develop the leadership skills needed for a role in Operations Management.