Working at Sensient means being a part of an immensely talented team of specialists, all dedicated to serving the unique needs of our clients.

Because every Sensient employee contributes to our success and to the overall Sensient experience, our benefits and compensation have been structured to reflect workers’ expertise and commitment. Sensient is proud to offer a comprehensive benefits program that allows employees to select the plans and levels of coverage best suited to meet their needs.

The Health & Insurance benefits outlined below apply to all salaried and non-union Sensient employees located in the United States. The summary of benefits does not include additional terms, conditions or limits, and is subject to change. Further details for Sensient’s international locations are coming soon.

Compensation & Savings

Your expertise is highly valued at Sensient. We therefore offer competitive compensation to attract and keep employees with great skills and ideas. Competitive wages are provided to Sensient employees who reward the company every day with top performances and stellar progress.

Regular performance reviews are held between each employee and his or her direct manager to ensure that workers’ achievements are recognized and that their goals and expectations are being met. With each review comes the opportunity for a merit increase.

Incentive Programs

Sensient offers a variety of incentive programs designed to reward employees for individual contributions that directly improve the overall performance of the company. Many of our management roles, as well as most of our sales roles, are eligible for these incentives. Our Sales Incentive Program (SIP) – offered to all sales account managers – is uncapped, which greatly enhances your potential to earn.

Employee Referral Bonus Awards

Sensient is committed to hiring quality candidates who possess superior skills and abilities. We believe our team is built of “A-Players” who know and attract other "A-Players". We encourage our employees to tap into their personal and professional networks to identify top-notch candidates who are eager to join our high-performing organization. To that end, we offer a very robust referral program with multiple bonus award levels — up to $10,000 per successful hire. This program is uncapped.

Performance Bonus Awards

Exceptional work is expected and rewarded at Sensient. We appreciate the progressive innovation and creative problem-solving you bring to work with you every day. To recognize top performers at Sensient, we offer a variety of performance bonus awards, including Star Performer Awards, Safety and Attendance Awards and more.

401(k) Savings Plan

Most US employees are eligible to participate in the 401(k) plan starting on their very first day with Sensient. An employee can contribute up to 75% of his or her paycheck, and Sensient will match dollar for dollar up to 4%. Employees are automatically enrolled in the plan at 4% and are immediately 100% vested in their entire account. Pre-tax and ROTH contributions are available.

Stock Purchase Plan

The stock purchase plan allows US employees to purchase shares of Sensient stock through convenient payroll deductions. Employees are not charged fees for purchasing through this program.

Employee Stock Ownership Plan

The Employee Stock Ownership Plan is one of Sensient’s company-sponsored US retirement plans. It builds retirement income and gives you the opportunity to become a shareholder or owner of our company.


Sensient offers a comprehensive medical insurance package to our U.S. employees. The company currently pays approximately 82% of the cost of each salaried employee's medical premiums. On average, that’s 5% more coverage than peer companies in the U.S. For most U.S. employees, medical coverage is effective on your first day with Sensient. Carriers may differ depending on facility location.


Sensient also offers extensive and affordable dental coverage to its U.S. employees. As with medical coverage, the company currently pays approximately 82% of the cost of each employee's dental premiums. Our dental coverage is through Delta Dental, and for many employees, is effective on the date of hire.

Vision Insurance

Sensient offers full vision coverage to its U.S. employees through VSP. Employees pay 100% of this low-cost premium, which covers 100% of all exams, 100% of lenses, an annual $160 contact lens allowance and an annual $175 frame allowance, as well as a discount for Lasik corrective eye surgery. For many employees, vision coverage is effective upon date of hire.

Flexible Spending Accounts

Sensient offers two flexible spending account options, giving you the choice to save and pay for your and your family’s medical costs as best fits your lifestyle and needs.

  • Health care spending account (for participants in non-high-deductible health plans)
  • Dependent care spending accounts

Health Savings Accounts

For participants in the High Deductible Health Plan, Sensient offers a Health Savings Account. For 2018, employees can contribute up to $3,450 if they are enrolled in single coverage and $6,900 if they are enrolled in family coverage.

Basic Life Insurance and AD&D

Sensient offers basic life insurance and AD&D at no cost to employees. Employees can also purchase supplemental life and AD&D for themselves, their spouses and dependent children.

Business Travel Accident

Protecting our employees is a top priority of the company. Therefore, we provide Business Travel Accident Insurance at no cost to employees. If you suffer a death or dismemberment while traveling on company business, this plan provides benefits of 5 times your pay up to $500,000.

Long Term Care

Employees have access to discounted Long Term Care insurance through Northwestern Mutual Life. Discounts apply to coverage issued for employees and spouses.

Short Term Disability

Sensient’s Short Term Disability plan provides eligible employees with up to 26 weeks of pay if you are out due to illness or injury.

Long Term Disability

Sensient’s Long Term Disability plan provides income protection if you are unable to work due to a disability. If your claim is approved, beneficiaries receive an average of 60% of your pay until age 65 or when you are no longer certified as disabled.

Survivor Income Benefits

Survivor Income Benefits provide your surviving spouse and/or dependent children with a monthly benefit in the event of your death. Employees are automatically enrolled after one year of service.

Paid Time Off

Paid Time Off at Sensient typically includes traditional vacation time along with paid time off. Company holidays vary by location, but include all major and many minor holidays. Some locations or job roles also offer floating holidays to allow for better work/life balance. Individual Paid Vacation Packages vary by career level and increase with every five years of service at Sensient. We also have a flexible policy for Paid Sick Days that allows you to recuperate quickly so you can live and work healthfully.

Relocation Opportunities

Sensient is a global company with offices in many exciting locations, including Chicago, Paris, Singapore and more. We strongly encourage internal movement, which may include relocating to a different city. Sensient offers competitive relocation packages to help you and your family move with comfort and confidence.

Career Development

Talent has no limits. We want people to succeed and get the most from their careers. When people are in the right jobs and encouraged to grow and learn, they’re more productive.

We are passionate about how we achieve great outcomes for our customers and each other. We offer a range of professional development opportunities in a fast-paced, supportive and empowering environment of trust, respect and teamwork in which employees can realize their full potential.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

US employees have access to Sensient’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) with LifeWorks. Your personal and professional well-being is important to us. This service offers free and confidential assistance on topics ranging from finding reliable child care to stress management to retirement planning. EAP services are available 24 hours a day and can be used by you, your spouse and your dependents.

Health Advocate

Sensient has partnered with Health Advocate to provide advocacy services to its US employees to help handle health care and insurance-related issues such as researching claim inquiries, finding doctors and specialists, and obtaining cost estimates for procedures. This service is free to employees and can be used as often as needed.

Continuing Education Tuition Reimbursement

Sensient recognizes and values the mutual benefits derived from personal growth and increased work competence. Your career development is important to us, so we provide financial assistance to eligible employees in the US who are interested in pursuing further education at accredited schools.

High School Student Scholarship Program

In conjunction with National Merit Scholarship Corporation, Sensient offers college scholarships to the children of our US employees. Each scholarship winner receives $3,500 per year of college for up to four years.