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December 2014

Für die "Seasonal Selection“ hat sich Sensient Flavors von sieben Herbstfrüchten inspirieren lassen. Die neuen Aromen verleihen eine saisonale Note und eignen sich so zum einen bestens für Saison-Getränkekonzepte. Zum anderen garantieren sie einen authentischen Fruchtgenuss für das ganze Jahr.

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Dec 03, 2014 Sensient Flavors

Kickstarter, the popular social media platform entrepreneurs are using to fund new projects, has a pretty hot project getting some big attention.

The project: SYNEK, a bag-in-a-box that can be filled from any tap with any beer you can find at a brewery or a bar.

How it works: users simply fill a cartridge (a 1-gal. vacuum-sealed bag) from a keg, from a tap, or inside a brewery’s back room—using an adapter that prohibits air exposure and fully preserves the brew’s quality. Not only does this allow the beer to stay fresh for months, it also saves money (no wasted beer or unnecessary bottles or cans) and it’s super-convenient (sits right on your counter).

What else makes it cool:

  • No bigger than a toaster, it’s a little refrigerated, pressurized box that you plug in—similar to a kegerator, but smaller. And, we must say, it’s classier.
  • It eliminates the need for growlers, which have a shelf-life of only about two days.
  • You will probably save money you would otherwise have spent at a bar—and there’s no driving required!

SYNEK inventor Steve Young pledged a funding goal of $250K on Kickstarter with a deadline of 07/24/2014. By closing, a whopping 2,191 backers pledged $648,535—more than doubling his goal.

Clearly, beer lovers have spoken.

Thanks, Esquire, for bringing this invention to our attention. We expect to see this on the market soon!

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Sensient Colors has developed new purification technologies that it says eliminate undesirable flavours and odours in a range of natural colours

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