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We are the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of high-purity colors to the cosmetics industry, providing cosmetic companies around the globe with a nearly infinite range of natural and synthetic colors. Sensient Technologies also supplies the cosmetic industry with the raw materials used in manufacturing make-up, hair and skin care products, toiletries and fine fragrances. Examples of these raw materials include sunscreens, light reflectors, active ingredients, products and skin texturing raw materials.

Manufacturing of colors and raw materials is split among two Sensient Technologies cosmetic divisions: Sensient Cosmetic Technologies France and the Sensient Cosmetic Technologies USA. All manufactured batches of color are subjected to exhaustive testing to guarantee consistency, purity and reliability and to ensure that our products' shades, strengths, particle sizes and other criteria meet customers' strictest demands.

In addition to providing cosmetic clients with an unmatched palette of high-quality colors and materials, Sensient provides product support specific to both U.S. and European regulatory agencies to address the needs of the world's two largest cosmetic markets. Sensient prides itself on its superior customer service, assisting customers in color formulation, problem solving and legislative issues.

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