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Sensient Technologies Corporation is comprised of the Colors Group, the Flavors & Fragrances Group and the Asia Pacific Group.

Colors Group of Sensient Technologies

The Colors Group of Sensient Technologies is the world's leading manufacturer and marketer of synthetic food colors, as well as a leading producer of natural, cosmetic and specialty-ink colors for the food, pharmaceuticals, cosmetic, inkjet and display imaging industries. Its global business units include:

Flavors & Fragrances Group of Sensient Technologies

Sensient develops, manufactures and distributes flavor and fragrance systems that are found in thousands of consumer products worldwide. The Company's formulations are essential components of food, beverage, household and personal care products. Sensient's value-added flavors and fragrances enable our customers to excel in highly competitive markets.

    Sensient Flavors

    • Sensient Flavors - North America
      • Sensient Flavors USA
      • Sensient Flavors Canada
    • Sensient Flavors Latin America
    • Sensient Flavors Europe
      • Sensient Flavors UK
      • Sensient Flavors France
        • Sensient Flavors NHF (Belgium)
      • Sensient Flavors Northern Europe
        • Sensient Flavors Germany
        • Sensient Flavors Belgium
      • Sensient Flavors Southern Europe
        • Sensient Flavors Italy
        • Sensient Flavors Spain

    Sensient Natural Ingredients

    • Sensient Natural Ingredients North America
    • Sensient Natural Ingredients Europe
    • Sensient Natural Ingredients China

    Sensient Fragrances

    • Sensient Fragrances Granada
    • Sensient Fragrances Barcelona
    • Sensient Fragrances Milan
    • Sensient Fragrances Mexico
    • Sensient Fragrances Guatemala

Asia Pacific and China Groups of Sensient Technologies

The Asia Pacific and China Groups are producers and marketers of colors, flavors and fragrances for Australia and other Asia Pacific countries. Sales, marketing and technical functions are managed through Melbourne, Australia. Manufacturing operations are located in Australia, China, Japan, New Zealand and the Philippines.

  • Sensient Technologies Australia
    • Sensient Technologies Australia
    • Sensient Technologies New Zealand
  • Sensient Technologies Thailand
  • Sensient Technologies Southeast Asia
    • Sensient Technologies Philippines
    • Sensient Technologies Indonesia
  • Sensient Technologies Singapore
  • Sensient Technologies North Asia
    • Sensient Technologies Japan
    • Sensient Technologies Korea
  • Sensient Technologies China

Sensient Businesses

Colors Group
Flavors & Fragrances Group
Asia Pacific Group