What's Sensient's secret ingredient?

You are.

Sensient creates the “secret ingredients” found in products that you taste, smell, see and touch every single day. We are a globally recognized leader in many of the industries we create for. How did we get there? By recognizing that our employees are the true secret ingredient to success.

Sensient operates with a lean staff, making the contributions and decisions of each individual crucial to our progress. We emphasize efficient, safe and reliable operations. We share authority with those in the best positions to make decisions, take action and accept accountability for results.

Central to our strategy are the close relationships between our business units and our customers that ensure efficient translation of concepts into successful products that meet all requirements.

We seek talented, results-oriented team players who...

  • take initiative.
  • are entrepreneurial.
  • drive positive change.
  • communicate effectively.
  • take prudent business risks.
  • challenge each other to improve and innovate.
  • treat others with respect.
  • operate safely and responsibly with a focus on integrity.

In return, we nurture a culture where you...

  • are rewarded for your creativity, innovation and execution.
  • can influence the organization and make decisions at all levels.
  • have opportunities for promotions within and across functions.
  • can pursue international assignments.
  • are provided opportunity for involvement in multiple disciplines.
  • are encouraged to develop new ideas and best practices, and strive for continuous improvement.

Sensient is an organization with a rich history of success in a stable industry. Our robust strategy, strong balance sheet and consistent profitability have positioned us for continued success in the future.

Our opportunities for growth and achievement are strengthened by the innovation and creativity of our people. To succeed, we need individuals who believe they can—and do—make a difference.